Goodbye Mountains

In the final weeks before leaving for the Peace Corps, I have made an effort to spend time outside among the mountains. I grew up before this backdrop, but it took travelling and coming back before I realized their beauty or even noticed the mountains the way an outside observer would. Their gentle sloping ridges … Continue reading Goodbye Mountains


Places We Used to Live

Today Daisy and I visited a friend in the apartment complex we lived in when she was a puppy (and “young adult”). It's unlikely Daisy recognized where we were, but she revelled in all the scents and other dogs we encountered in such a small area. I didn't consciously go out looking for a nostalgia … Continue reading Places We Used to Live

100% European

In the past few years I've become increasingly interested in DNA ancestry testing services such as 23andMe. This is mainly a consequence of years spent living and travelling abroad and fielding questions about myself. In Japan especially, I was frequently asked for breakdowns of where I'm from, ancestrally speaking, with people's curiosity sometimes fuelling the … Continue reading 100% European