My Peace Corps Application Timeline

Waiting is such an integral part of the Peace Corps application process! I am assuming, because I was one of these people myself, that current and prospective applicants are interested in seeing other people’s timelines (read: time spent waiting). So here you go—my official timeline:

Disclaimer: Please know that this process varies for everyone. I strongly advise applicants to not over-think it.

August 19 – Application Sent

The deadline for most programs during period was September 1st.

August 20 – Relevant Follow-up Forms (Assignment Selection, Health History) Sent

September 9 – Under Consideration for Kosovo

Kosovo was my first specified choice after listing anywhere! The know-by date for this program was December 1st, meaning I would definitely know by then whether I had been accepted or not.

September 23 – Interview Request

September 26 – Interview

September 26 – References Forms Sent Out

References are generally contacted before the interview, but my placement officer let me know that mine hadn’t been yet. He sent forms to my references that day, starting the

November 1 – Invitation Received!

November 15 – Medical Tasks Online

Warning: this requires a significant amount of work and appointment-making. Although I tried my best to ‘shop around’ it can be expensive, especially for uninsured people like me. I knew from my own research that this was coming and budgeted for it.

December 8 – Last Medical Task Submitted

December 9 – Medical Clearance Received

Yes, that’s very quick turnaround. I was one of the lucky ones in this respect.

January 25 – Legal Clearance Granted

The last thing I was waiting on to be entirely cleared!

April 20 – Received Staging Email

This is the official information about staging and instructions on how to book your travel.

May 31 – First Day of Staging

This is the training we get in the US prior to flying to Kosovo.

June 2 – Kosovo

I am happy to give more detailed information on my experiences if people are interested. Just send me questions on the contact page and I’ll answer!

Again, people have very different experiences, but my time frame of 9+ months from application to leaving is pretty average. For anyone thinking about applying to the Peace Corps, don’t expect things to happen much faster than that. Thank you to all my family and friends who supported me during this time and listened while I talked about the next steps.


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