Places We Used to Live

Today Daisy and I visited a friend in the apartment complex we lived in when she was a puppy (and “young adult”). It’s unlikely Daisy recognized where we were, but she revelled in all the scents and other dogs we encountered in such a small area. I didn’t consciously go out looking for a nostalgia trip. The serendipitous timing of this invite a few days before I leave Asheville is no doubt conducive to such feelings. As it turns out, there have been a lot of changes at these apartments over the last several years, and much of it looked and felt very different. It must also be that my memory has changed. But that’s a reflection for another blog entry…

old apartment

This is where Daisy and I used to live.

The trip today called to mind (again) my recent time in Japan. When I was in Sapporo, I made a point to visit the apartment building I used to live in and retraced my walk “home” from my old workplace. In this instance, I felt surprised at how similar things felt. Beforehand, I wasn’t certain I could walk from memory and not get lost, but once I had started my feet carried me almost without thinking. I’m sure a lot of things did change in four years, but all I noticed were the businesses and city landmarks I knew in the past. Having regretted that I never took more pictures of routine things, I documented my walk with lots of photos. I had more than a few people glancing to see what I was interested in, as most of the pictures are unremarkable street and sidewalk shots. I’ve selected a few of the more interesting photos for the gallery below. Check it out if you’d like a small virtual “walk home” with me.

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