I am currently beginning my service as a Peace Corps volunteer teaching in Kosovo. I have a master’s in International Social Development, a bachelor’s in Anthropology and an ambition to continue to learn and improve myself. Ultimately, I hope to apply my knowledge and passion to address global poverty and social inequality through a career in development. My experience travelling and living in a few different countries has led me to believe that we are all made stronger through the intercultural connections we build. I am excited to nurture these connections through the Peace Corps, embracing my opportunities to grow personally and to leave a meaningful impact on the communities I serve.

Hobbies of mine include long distance running, hiking and generally spending time in nature. I also tend to spend a lot of time reading, studying languages, watching Star Trek and playing pool (billiards). I love coffee and writing or visiting friends over coffee. I have some amazing friends from all over the world, and I hope that through this blog they can share some experiences with me.


In this blog I write what I’m interested in exploring and sharing. As a window into my life, it will spotlight my service in Kosovo, but I do not intend it to be solely a Peace Corps blog. As a reflection of my life, it will wander between many interests, and I encourage you to check my tags to find topics you like. Expect frequent references to my dog Daisy and countries that have left impressions on me. A few things I have strong feelings about are, without any particular order or meaning:

migration   •   Japanese food   •   languages   •   (my dog) Daisy   •   travel   •   cultural anthropology   •   critical discussions about gender   •   space   •   wolves


Thank you for visiting!