The Midway Point: Looking Behind and Ahead

The past few weeks have flown by, and I am now more than halfway through my Peace Corps training. I've had many recent opportunities to participate in cultural activities with my host family and discover new places. Below is a brief recap: Three weeks ago was the Muslim holiday of Bayram (Eid al-Fitr). Bayram marks … Continue reading The Midway Point: Looking Behind and Ahead


My Summer Home

This is a beautiful country. We've had only gorgeous days since we arrived and I keep being stunned again and again by the views as we move from one scheduled task to another. While I've been enjoying Kosovo, I haven't had a lot of time or motivation to post here as I've been busy with … Continue reading My Summer Home

100% European

In the past few years I've become increasingly interested in DNA ancestry testing services such as 23andMe. This is mainly a consequence of years spent living and travelling abroad and fielding questions about myself. In Japan especially, I was frequently asked for breakdowns of where I'm from, ancestrally speaking, with people's curiosity sometimes fuelling the … Continue reading 100% European